Crashing into walls

Catastrophic disaster scratching my irises like acid
the sound of metal battling metal igniting the fuse
of tragedy on this day as I held your hand and kissed
you with the promise of eternity, etched with every

A minute changes everything.
the truth of this, my regret my sorrow flashing
brightly like an atom bomb
our fate encapsulated in tragedy such as this
we fall apart
flesh torn from bone
arteries severed from the impact alone
to see you like this
magnifies how human i hate we really are
my nightmare amplified in technicolor as your blood
dances almost poetically
fatally, like Gene Kelly at his final show

Metal crashing into asphalt circling heaven
as we fall
a coin toss, we must have lost


Our fate is not for us to control

unconscious we both fall, in a haze of smoke and
creeping death i find your hand
lifeless in mine
I grasp you tighter, hoping to revive.

in this moment I know I have lost as I free
myself from cumbersome restraints
to feel you one last time
blood-stained i press into you, hoping my heart
is enough to bring you back
pressing my lips to your eyes, lifeless and vacant
shaking you, hoping to revive the precious life
fading inside

giving you my breath.
offering you my life.

to no avail

my heart breaks.

My life fades with yours

Closing your eyes.

Ending my life.


~ by Agent M on May 16, 2010.

One Response to “Crashing into walls”

  1. reminds Me of the movie Crash with James Spader…not sure why

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