Just a dream.

brushing past the painted, bloated faces of strangers
my heartbeat throbs in places i should be ashamed
of…if i only had a dignified sense of shame.

that need
feverish inside of me

as i exchange formalities with the attendant.
concealing the lust approaching meltdown status
within my veins

sliding inside.
i clutch the fabric of my dress
in anticipation.

what took so fucking long???
he demands.

i give no words, but slide into him
our lips fused to the very core

i slip the lock to greet those who
trespass with the *occupied* sign

his hand over mine, sliding the lock back
toward *vacant* with a defiant grin

let’s make this fun….

hot lipstick smears against your neck.

i want him to fuck the very life from me.

i want him to make me come.

i want you

“fuck me.”

i am begging him…



show me what you’ve got

hiking up my dress, sliding my panties to the side
his hands wrap around my neck with that vice-like grip
shallow gasps for air
stabbing me so deep inside

fuck yes.

Legs wrapped around his waist
as he delivers the final blow…

Erupting inside of me
clinging to him tighter as I milk his cock
for all its worth

screaming within the silence of his restrictive palm
now covered with my saliva and dental imprints.

collapsing into me
taking in my scent a final time

i pull away
straighten my dress

smile deviously at the smeared lipstick we both

be discrete.
feeling your warmth inside of me.

like the teeth mark tattooing your palm
this is but a gentle reminder…

sliding through your fingertips
in a hangover of quenched lust
we depart.

whispering to me.

you know where to meet me next.


~ by Agent M on September 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Urgency.”

  1. Still so good…

  2. fucking hell….

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