Wall of Broken Toys.

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When you lick the decayed kisses from my
inviting sugar white lips
find my heart there
laced in poison blue ribbons
swallowing the insincere compliments

falling from your
serpent-like tongue

Twisting the truth to merge with the lies
So cavernous
in your soulless shell
This would be my weakness but I am familiar
with your kind

licking the side of my cheek
Bruising me like a piece of rotten meat
sweetness you seek
inside of me you want to be

Biting into my thigh
I nearly died. . .
inside of my mind

Snow White smile
my only crime

Breathing with exaggerated difficulty
I watch you writhe and beg
Fingertips blue and white with sudden spite
watching you beg for your life

this is my favorite game

Such a delight my new shiny toy

Licking you slowly, from the inside out

Immune to the poison fused to your fractured bones
Sever the main artery

Yes, this is the one.

Taking the hearts you held captive

Freeing them as your face turns pale and cold as stone

In a moment you will succumb

Dead and lifeless as a long lost toy


Out grown.

You were never mine. . .to call my own.

Whispering the last words you will take with you
to your lonely grave.

Alone, these are my armory of your demise.

Watching you pass over to the other side is by far my biggest prize.

You make me smile now, from the inside.

I like how you fit perfectly on my wall of broken toys.



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I love the innocence of this, the tension….

How beautiful a mere kiss can be.

Understated seduction.

midnight snowstorm

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where i find you i can never guess
i feel you like snowflakes
leaving their wet glitter on my dress
dissolving into my skin
in the darkness we know this best

holding your hand stealing your warmth
the details i never forget
how i fit in the curve of your arm
pulling me in closer
snowflakes blister between us
the reflection of you
this and much more captured in my eyes.
imagine the ways

shaking me up like a snowglobe
glitter dreams
breaking at the seams

all known remedies

i will refuse. i want this pain.

for in it pleasure is serene my forbidden illusion

make it clean

nothing compares to this
united in waves of unspoken ardor
inseparable fused between broken dreams
lost in the sea of you
love drunk

creating magic in the midnight sun
vandalizing castles in the sky
my heart is under siege
a thousand reasons why
dreaming so high

to catch the snowflakes from the midnight sky

The sum of infinity

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orange smile sigh
you lick my lips and dream inside
vanilla cabaret lies
i want you here now
breathing endlessly in a sea of disguise

first kiss
censored for the innocence
what you did to me that night
confessions in a darkened room will be amiss
tearing apart the remnants of faint memories

bloody smiles
my skin
your sin
lets go now

inside of you Eden begins.

last remark whispered in metallic grin
i love you best

bare breast

striped candy laced entourage
glistening with sweet surprise

the scar i left i will not repress
my heart is here, come claim
the faint beat dancing with you in dreams.

darkness rises under your throne
under your dress
inside your kiss
intertwined yours and mine

find the way this underground is ours to

mindless and unafraid for once with us
a gift from above

time owns your soul ticking away
at mine

the soulless reach in dark and bleach
staining the way
my influence tears away the voracious ivy
interlaced with sinewy brace
latching hold of what you once owned

i love you breathlessly
i love you endlessly

please, show me the way

you left your mark

you painted my heart
show me for once under the concrete
buried so deep inside

you are alive
you are mine

kiss me there one more time

fighting endlessly in a sea of disguise


the sum of you and i.

Another Wishbone.

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The following words are the insight into a beautiful soul, one so dear to me.


The more I look toward my future.

The more I think of all that has defined my path.

Challenges that tested me beyond what I thought strength could be.

A journey with no beginning, ending when a date arrives that I have already chosen.

Forget not the events of today,

Nor focus on the unknown of tomorrow

But peer into the future that holds little more than an echo.

An echo of only loyalty and integrity.

Everything I once touched was created by others.

A life that had become disposable.

Together we have arrived not at a fork in the road.

But at a wishbone.

A point of decision.

A point of instant gratification.

All of you desire the break of that wishbone to exist on my side.

You feel justified and consider yourselves deserving of the larger part.

I choose the short piece.

I embrace the barriers that are behind the fragment I see as a predestined key.

I am at peace with the key I hold in my hand.

I am at piece to hold the lock with closed eyes,

And feel what purity and balance is.

You however choose the worn path.

A path with no end.

Defined by the larger piece of the wishbone.

Follow the line while dragging your trophy.

After all, society considers you the victor.

Your peers consider you the victor.

You shaped your body into the same mold they used.

Your values have created your self worth.

Integrity disagrees.

I am not burdened by your disposable choices.

While you see me as defeated,

I embrace it as a birth.

A birth who can adsorb the purity that has no fine print.

You can’t see anything different than your past.

In some ways you have no future.

As technology brings you to attention,

A singing bird does the same to me.

My ship may be smaller that yours but has no anchor.

It is much faster.

It shall always lead.

The needs you all hold in your pockets are your dead weight.

They control how far you will travel and who stands by your side.

I control my life as I please with no restrictions.

My foundation was built by my own hands.

With my own time.

Cured and solidified with my own integrity.

It is a platform to hold the thoughts that exist.

Only while my eyes are open to the world.

A world that has asked for nothing

But to be free of the anchor you have become.

I enjoy what you see as burdensome.

I enjoy the mountain that only I see,

Behind the clouds you continue to create.

Your end is already written.

Mine continues to be written.

Without boundaries or chapters.

Without a cover created by others.

I write on empty paper that I have made.

With what I see as an endless supply.

It not be a guide, but a journey.

A journey over virgin soil.

Reflect on your hard, burdensome path.

A path that lay beyond gold covered gates.

Remember what owns you.

Remember what you destroyed within yourself

To travel with others on the same worn path.

To float on the surface of shallow waters.

Waters which may recede without warning.

My horizon is what I seek.

To you, my horizon is but a line.

Instead I see a line that shall never point forward,

But remind me that it is equal to me,

Parallel to me.

A finish line that none of your shall ever reach.

You decided to take the larger part of the wishbone.

The anticipation for you has ended.

Hold that piece close.

It is all you have.

The distance inside the falling moon.

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Late night.

My thoughts are in overdrive…restlessness invading me like a hurricane.
I am taking the long way home.

Turning the corner of the shadow laden streets
my thoughts retrace the night alone with you.

Silence of the darkness settling upon my shoulders
caressing my cheek
just like you did just moments ago
spotlight street lights
reminds me of a vintage stage
sultry blues singer droning in the background
a time when innocence was king

The clicking of my heels echoing in the alleyways
an army of one
dancing in perfect unison with the flickering “do not walk” signal.

Red light burlesque tease
stay in the lines, it is always safer there
The streets are never this silent
Moments like this you appreciate the fleeting solitude
the world only shows you a glimpse of
when the masses collide

the daily drone and hustle a far cry from this
perfect silence

Back up against the wall I stop for a minute
falling back into the night with you.
The way you held me and kissed my lips with
the force of a collapsing black hole
taking me in and transforming me into an angel only
you can speak of


This is unspoken, our agreement.

Pressing my fingers against my stained lips because I can still feel
you there
Reminding me my heart fits perfectly within yours
Reminding me love does find a way

Even when the detour signs are self-inflicted.


Good Night Stockholm.

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What is your vice?

What enslaves you to the point of degradation. . . ?