I gave up yesterday.
The hope of the innocent I no longer pray.
When you breathe my way
I choke on the dirt spewing from your
tainted tongue

Breeding within the womb I willingly will take
the likes of you deserves every ounce of
the essence within me that I name betray

Invasive you begin
the webs of you latched into my weakest membrane
It is only my lack of immunity
Never this.
Never this.

How do we begin?
Like a predatory beast, simply with a poison kiss.
Show me the best you have, I need to be impressed
I want something more
Show me the way.

Take me apart throw me away
There really is no more
Inside of me the light of you is just a dim, vacant hole
I need no part of you

Swing from the sinewy synapses where you once held
fortress inside of my mind
I cut the lifeline.

Tell me how it feels to drown in the filth
planted within the heart
You wanted to be mine

Inside of you.


~ by Agent M on October 24, 2010.

One Response to “Anti-Wish.”

  1. Always exceptional…

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